Since 2009, I have been creating and uploading musical videos on the songsfrompaul YouTube channel. While my skills and styles have changed over time, my focus on providing music to whoever wishes to listen has not and my channel has over 75 videos, with both original songs and covers of everyone from Britney Spears to Fleet Foxes. While I don’t upload videos as regularly as I used to (life is full of distractions), I would definitely encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you hear about my videos as soon as they’re uploaded!

My most popular video series, The A-Z of Covers, has its own page here.

You can also watch all of my cover songs in one playlist, or watch all of my original song videos here.


Love Love Love (Mountain Goats cover – January 2013)

Go K.K. Rider! (Nintendo cover – February 2012)

Gorillaz Medley (March 2010)

White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes cover – January 2010)