Verse – C Cmaj7 Am G
Chorus – F E

I’ve got a secret and I can’t tell you what it is
It doesn’t matter how much you ask me, it’s not gonna part this lips
Push me, poke me, prod me, punch me – nothing’s gonna work
I’ll just sit here quietly, face wearing a smirk

You’ve got a secret, I can see it in your eyes
They’re darting all about the room – that’s a terrible disguise
Questions, queries, investigation, the answer’s don’t come
You just sit there quietly, looks like you’re having fun

They’ve all got secrets, that’s no secret to me
Everybody’s hiding something as they pass you on the street
Would you tell me yours ’cause then I’ll gladly tell you mine
We could share our secrets and we’d lovingly, eternally, all-knowingly, forever be just fine

They’ve all got secrets, see the way they stand alone
Whispers of a secret something passed along the phone
But I don’t care about their words – they’re no concern of mine
We’ll just sit together and we’ll let our secret shine

Secret remains the only “single” released from Take Me Home as it is the only to appear on my YouTube channel. The song was written after I got the idea of describing love as sharing your secrets with someone else.