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Intro/Chorus: Bm G A D, G D A, Bm G A D, E  G, E G A Bm
Verse: Bm G A D, Bm G A, Bm G A D, G D A (Bm G A in verse 2)
Pre-Chorus: G A Bm A
Riff / Instrumental: Bm G A D

You know it’s time
Time for me to draw a line
And you’d have to be a fool to think
That everything is fine, so please would you
Show me I’m wrong
And I’ll gladly change the song
But I know that you can’t stop pretending
Everything’s alright when it’s clearly not

The future’s in my hands
And I know about your plans
But we have to face the facts
I hope that you forgive me

Sorry, my friend
This is where it has to end
We’ve been running round in circles
And it’s useless to pretend that we’re in love
That it’s a game
That we will always feel the same
When it’s the end
Yeah, it’s the end
Yeah, it’s the end
Yeah, it’s the end, end, end, end, end…

The easiest starts
Sometimes lead to broken hearts
And we started off so well
I never thought that we would part, but then maybe
Time is so cruel
And it turned us both to fools
And what started out as something strong
Has rusted out until we have nothing now

I’m telling you tonight
I’m giving up the fight
I’m holding up my hands
And praying you’ll forgive me




As soon as I had finished writing the riff for this song, I knew that it would have to be the final track. Going out with a bang is something I don’t usually do with my albums (Rainy Days and Carry The Memories are two of my most solemn songs) but here it felt perfect. I was fortunate to acquire a new electric guitar just a couple of months before recording  this EP and it gave me a lot more flexibility with my lead guitar techniques. This song also throws the repetitive-chord-sequence theme completely out the window. It’s hardly my most complex song, but there are a lot of variations between each verse and chorus.