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Verse: A E
Chorus: D, A E

As the nights are getting longer
And the world is going wrong I
Can’t escape my fears of meeting my fate
But if I put them to some music
There’s a chance that I won’t lose it
And I’ll slip into a comfortable state.

I’ve been counting out the hours
Since they said the world was ours
Cos with freedom it’s not easy to choose
Do you listen to your conscience
Or decide that rules are nonsense
And you’ve only got so much you can lose

Ohhh – is this the end?
Ohhh – is this the end?

I’ve been thinking about travelling
Cos my life has been unravelling
Like the seams upon my jeans as I walk
Away from all the lonely people
Who I thought about as equals
But who’ve taken to not thinking at all.

Ohhhh – is this the end?
Ohhhh – is this the end?

I have found that near the finish
All my hopes become diminished
Cos I’m yearning to explore something new
But it’s nothing in particular
I’m craving the familiar
There’s really only one thing to do

Ohhhh – I’ll start again!
Ohhhh – I’ll start again!

Of all the songs on this EP, The End? definitely had the weirdest development. The melody and chords began life as a song that I improvised to entertain my sister Grace and the lyrics consisted of “You’re a Gracey-Gracey-Gracey” and “Ohhhh, you’re a Grace!” with very little else to it. I liked the melody so much that I reused it to write this song, which focuses on moving on after something has ended or, if you feel like it, just going back to the start to do everything again.

And, yes, that final audio clip is from The Aristocats. As a vocal fan of Disney, I couldn’t resist.