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Verse: C, F C, F C, G Am, G Am, G C
Link: F  C
Chorus: C Cmaj7, Fmaj7, C Cmaj7, F

This is how the world ends:
A fireball dropping from the sky
A falling bomb filling dead men’s eyes
And a second hand that’s turning round
Is it counting off or counting down
And out?

This is how the world ends:
An army sat in an open field
A sharpened sword through a broken shield
As man and man run out to die
Never knowing how or why
Or when.

And I will save my last defence for you
I will keep myself alive for you

This is how the world ends:
A curtain call for the final age
As all our leaders take the stage
But the audience has left their seats
To take their voices to the streets

But as the others beat their chests I
will not stand with all the rest

Cos I want to run to you and hold you tight
And I will only think of you tonight
And I will pray to God that you survive
Cos everything is ending now but you and I
Everything is ending now but you and I

This is how the world ends:
This is how we collapse, this is how it starts
This is how we break up and fall apart
These are all the reasons why I feared
To see the day and hour grow near
It’s time


I don’t know if it is safe to run
And I might fry beneath the burning sun
But I will walk the land and cross the sea
Cos nothing really matters except you and me
And everything is falling except you and me
It took the whole world ending just for me to see
That all that really matters now is you and me

Originally, this was to be the opening track of Songs From The End, but starting the EP with the world ending seemed a little premature. Power/Bliss was written soon after to provide as build-up, which meant that How The World Ends would almost certainly have to follow that. One original idea was to have P/B ending with a voice saying “ah, screw it” and HTWE starting up immediately after it, as if this song was actually the character from Power/Bliss telling the listener all the secrets that had driven him mad. That interpretation is still very possible, but I decided to leave it a little more vague so that the song could stand alone if I wanted it to.

The audio clip during the instrumental is of Winston Churchill’s famous “Iron Curtain” speech, which essentially describes the battle lines of the Cold War that followed. This audio clip was originally only a small sound-bite in a montage of war and disaster sound clips (rocket countdowns, explosions, war speeches etc) but I decided pretty quickly that this speech described the tension I was looking for very well just by itself.