Verse: Gm, Bb, Gm, F
“Time is running out”: Cm Dm Eb F
Chorus: Gm Bb x3, Cm Dm
“I’m sending out…”: Cm F Gm Bb, Cm F D

There’s silence all around – nobody make a sound.
Only my quiet footsteps falling to the ground.
But then a muffled groan and all my hope is gone:
There’s just too many now – looks like I’ve gotta run!

But time is running out…
But time is running out…

I turn around to find my exit is shut off.
So then I draw my gun, prepare a molotov.
I shoot one in the leg and it doesn’t help at all:
It may be injured but it isn’t gonna to fall!

And time is running out…

Zombies! An infestation making a meal of our crumbling nation!
All the people you knew: they’ve wound up dead or a zombie too.
I’m the last known survivor, wishing that I just had something to die for!
But they never feel pain – they’re marching towards you to eat your brain!

Out of the crowd I battle, running for my life.
Cut through the barb-wire fence with my Swiss-army knife.
I think of all my friends but there’s no time to mourn:
Up to the roof I climb – I should be safe till dawn!

But time is running out…


I’m sending out an S.O.S.
I’m sending out an S.O.S.
I need someone to come and rescue me!!

(chorus x2)

For Great Justice! combines many new songs with some of my older ones and they don’t come much older than this: Zombies! was the third song I ever wrote and the first to be released on YouTube. It’s so old, it actually pre-dates my songsfrompaul channel! Back then, I was just using a fairly-crappy acoustic guitar (plugged into my laptop’s microphone jack) and singing into my embedded webcam’s microphone. A lot has changed since then but this song has remained almost exactly the same!

Original YouTube video (in all its low-tech glory)