Chords (capo 3)
Verse: Em G D
Pre-chorus: C D Em x2, C D B7
Chorus: Em G D A x3, Em G B7
“What’s happening??…”: C D Em G x3, C D B7

The end of reality – things are tough:
The pain and the darkness are coming.
The work of one man is not nearly enough,
Got to get this last hope up and running.
My name is Yana and I’m a professor:
It’s only an honorary title.
Call me a genius but I do not care:
It’s finding Utopia that’s vital

My history is funny: they say they found me with this watch.
It’s broken and rusty but always I’ve clung to this watch.
The drumming is calling getting louder and louder:
Just open me, open me, open me!

If you are the Doctor then I am the Master of everything:
All is beneath me!
Unstoppable and mighty, controlling the Toclafane:
I’m not the monster here
Today it’s the Earth and tomorrow the universe,
When everything collapses to dust.
So why aren’t you smiling? You should be:
You are not alone.
No, you are not alone!

Back to the present, you travel with speed,
And only to find that I’m here!
First contact with aliens, televised to all!
Watch the planet’s hope turn into fear.
Sending my children to decimate:
Kill one tenth of the world’s population.
Ageing the Doctor to 900 years:
No chance of this planet’s salvation.

Yet over and over I constantly hear those drums.
The world’s at my feet but I still hear the beat of the drums.
Louder and louder and faster and faster:
It’s killing me, killing me, killing me!


What’s happening?! What’s going wrong?!
This cannot be! I can hear his song.
The Doctor rises and calls my name,
So I cower in fear and I cry in shame.
The world’s gone back to its normal state
And silently, I can hear my fate.
But she draws a gun and she fires me:
She’s killing me, killing me, killing me!!

You may be the Doctor but you’re also the master of…
My lonely demise.
The drumming has slowed to a funeral parade
And I see the fear in your eyes.
“It’s only a bullet,” you plead. “Regenerate!”
Can’t you see I refuse?
After all that’s been done, I still win.
You are alone.
You are alone.

Just like Zombies!, You Are Not Alone actually pre-dates my songsfrompaul channel. You Are Not Alone was the second song I uploaded to YouTube and it remains my most successful song in terms of views. In fact, if you type “trock” into YouTube’s search bar, I’m the first song that comes up! Pretty neat! Out of all the songs on this album, this is probably the one that makes me the happiest. I don’t think it’s technically the best, but hearing one of my first songs in a form that’s amazingly close to how I originally had it in my head is an awesome feeling.

Original version (with a reeeally bad video)