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For Great Justice! started life as another Hometaping project but two weeks of the flu made completion impossible. After many, many delays and redrafts, the album has finally made it to release… almost a year late! But it’s a much larger, very different beast than what it started out as.

Bringing together songs written across almost 30 months of music-making, For Great Justice! is my first full-length album. A far cry from the serious tones of Take Me Home, the songs here are of a slightly brighter nature, drawing inspiration from Doctor Who, Harry Potter, a zombie apocalypse and a Disney villain takeover, among others. The album also covers quite a few genres, from the grungy sound of “Zombies!”, through the electronic buzz of “Dalek” to the creepy harpsichord tones of “Clockwork Love.” I’m hoping there’s something for everyone to love in here and that – if I’ve done my job correctly – you’ll end up liking all of it!

Cover artwork by Jonny Eveson.

Track Listing
(click the links to read chords, lyrics and footnotes)

  1. The Time Machine (part 1)
  2. I’m The Doctor*
  3. Zombies!*
  4. Clockwork Love*
  5. Muggle Till I Die
  6. Max
  7. The Water Temple
  8. Dalek
  9. You Are Not Alone
  10. Night On Space Mountain*
  11. The Time Machine (part 2)
  12. Carry The Memories
  13. A Conversation With Mike The Cactus [bonus]

*These tracks were released early to YouTube, in a video EP entitled “Extracts of Justice!”